Crypto Haters

The Satoshi revolution was only the beginning and even crypto haters hate to
admit it but virtual currency isn’t going anywhere. Chris Burniske, a crypto
enthusiast, writer and partner at Placeholder Ventures says that although
cryptocurrency may currently not hold the same hype it did back in 2017, it
continues to remain as relevant as it did back in 2015, when it first caught the
world’s attention.

The digital currency industry saw a number of crypto assets and
cryptocurrencies created and transacted since its genesis, and crypto supporters
and haters both agree on, as Chris Burniske rightly points out, the ‘inevitable
feeling’ of crypto as a ‘great long-term indicator’.

The reason why critics can’t help but agree

Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and Jamie Dimon, the CEO of
JPMorgan Chase, are some of the prominent names who have made strong
statements in the past regarding bitcoin and openly expressed their scepticism
towards cryptocurrency, saying that it was bound to fail. However, most of the
critics of virtual currencies have lauded the blockchain technology that gives
cryptocurrencies its unique feature of operating on a decentralised framework.
Even economist, through a better understanding of crypto markets suggest that
the blockchain technology could be the solution to regulating central banks and
controlling inflation, which the equally sceptics agree on.

How Crypto acceptance is ‘inevitability’

Giving a winning argument, Chris Burniske took to twitter explaining that
earlier on the notion of crytocurrency ‘drew blank stares’ but in the current
‘bear market’, crypto definitely drew some reactions both good and bad,

suggesting that crypto is eventually catching on with investors. He also
acknowledges the curiosity surrounding crypto and even though it may seems
vague for investors and people alike, crypto inevitably seems like the ‘next big
thing’ that has got even the haters hooked. To quote one of Chris’ tweets,
“Interestingly, even if someone doesn’t like crypto, they tend to concede how
inevitable it feels. The ones that do like the concept often don’t know where to

Even though the technology is at a developing stage, a number of big tech
companies are investing on the blockchain technology and the future may look
like, as Anthony Pompliano of Morgan Creek Digital wrote in his tweet,
“Every stock, bond, currency, and commodity will be tokenised; ICOs are a
horrible investment opportunity; 99% of utility tokens are nonsense; owning
equity in infrastructure companies is ideal; Bitcoin to the moon; that’s my
thesis, never changed.”


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