A recent sets of leaked data shows that the trustee of the Mt. Gox exchange, who is responsible for rehabilitation proceedings, sold a massive amount of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash on the crypto trading platform BitPoint.

According to the screenshot data, Mt. Gox’s trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi sold 60,000 BTC and BCH tokens were sold on the trading platform.

Mt. Gox’s former CEO Mark Karpeles is under trial, the charges for manipulating the exchange’s data & pocketing 340 million yen (around $3.1 million) from customers’ accounts.

Before we get to any Gox Dumping, let’s consult the original cryptocurrency expert hired by the trustee on how the sale should have been handled. In the words of Kraken CEO Jesse Powell

Instead of taking Kraken’s advice, the trustee decided to sell and not tell us how he sold, and after hire a different so-called “cryptocurrency expert” to sell the BTC/BCH.

There was never an auction, which means the coins were sold over OTC or through trading on an order book or both. Redditors pointed out that the trustee’s withdrawal of BTC from the MtGox estate’s wallets correlate to Jan/Feb drops in BTC’s price.

Check out the original document that has been released and exposing Mt. Gox exchanges trustee.



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