Yes you are reading right all Bitcoin mining’s energy will be reusable or in fact we can say there will be no cost to mine Bitcoin.

It looks like we heading type 1 civilizations for Bitcoin not for earth. The blockchain industry is very new for mankind and we have not seen this industry exponential growth yet.

If this comes as successful and every house owner willing to use this. But still many of us are thinking this will work only for winter season, no wait this will also help you cooling your home too.

New smart boiler miner. It produces bitcoins and warms your home. Cooling or heat recovery system.


May of us have question like, Do you think a large scale operation could put off enough heat to power a steam turbine and feed the energy back into the farm.

Answer is yes but for now no one interested at industrial scale. It will be huge success if we will able to use for industry but lets focus on our houses or home energy.

Thinking about situations where you wouldn’t need heat, say a industrial scale solar powered farm where cooling would be an issue.

It certainly makes electric heating cheaper in the form of mining returns, but electric heating is still the most inefficient way to heat your home


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