In a major announcement, YouTuber PewDiePie revealed that he would be partnering with blockchain powered live-streaming platform, DLive in the near future. According to an article by PR Newswire posted on April 9,

As the world’s largest independent content creator with over 100 million fans across the globe, the partnership between PewDiePie and Dlive is one of the biggest live streaming deals to date.

PewDiePie will begin live-streaming exclusively on the DLive platform from April 14 on a weekly basis. Seeing potential in the decentralised video streaming platform, PewDiePie told his subscribers that he joined the live-streaming platform because DLive gave priority to creators and content makers associated with it, while charging zero platform cuts from a streamer’s donation.

Built on the Lino blockchain, the decentralised platform has taken live-streaming to the next level as it allows content creators greater profit earnings as well as provides reward incentives to viewers, called Lino points, which is the native crpytocurrency on the Lino Blockchain. Its provides an alternative to other video streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch which is heavily criticised for its unfair content promotion, high monetization bars, and lesser earnings due to high subscription fee.

What DLive brings to the table in terms of a decentralised platform is provide greater autonomy to content creators, with minimum platform cuts as well as engage the viewers by giving incentives and rewards thereby creating a fair video-sharing ecosystem, says the founder and CEO of DLive, Charles Wayn.

At DLive, we are changing the whole game by putting platform ownership in the hands of the users through blockchain technology. The users of DLive are the ones that are rewarded for their contribution as the platform grows. It doesn’t matter whether you are content creator or viewer, your contributions are valued. Unlike traditional platforms DLive takes absolutely zero platform cuts from users’ donations and subscriptions. Instead the economic system has been designed to revolutionise revenue distribution by rewarding the community for their contribution rather than a corporation.”

Although Lino is not yet listed as a cryptocurrency, it can be purchased on and dapp with each Lino point worth USD 0.012. The token can be earned by sharing, creating, commenting on the platform, as well as by running nodes to host content.

Tapping into PewDiePie’s fan base, Co-Founder of Lino Network believes that the live-streaming platform has the potential to revolutionize how content is shared and will change how creators are represented in the industry. The DLive app is available online at as well on android and iOs platforms with currently 3 million monthly active users and 35,000 active streamers.

Personally I think it’s really cool to have a creator based website actually putting creators first. I’m really excited about DLive and I’m excited to be finally live-streaming again”, said PewDiePie. Catch his first official DLive stream on Sunday April 14, 1PM and to show his support for DLive creators, he will be donating up to $50,000.


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